Golden & Pine Designs: Modern, Cozy Downtown Loft

Last winter, I had the special opportunity to design a cozy, modern space within a loft apartment…for my very own sister! After a few years of living with family, my sister Nicki decided to move into an apartment in Downtown KC. The two of us immediately started daydreaming and laying out plans for the clean, modern and wonderfully relaxing space of her dreams.  Nicki has always had mad organizational skills and a deep love for clean lines. Therefore, we both agreed that keeping things simple and modern was going to resonate deeply with her. 

She fell in love with the Gus Modern Logan Sectional after sitting on it in shop. It has MCM lines as well as an irresistible element of coziness. When it came to the color of the sofa, the white versus taupe debate raged on for a bit, but we ultimately decided on taupe and entertained the white colorway via our favorite lounge chair. Because her space is loft-like with concrete walls, we looked to soften the area as much as possible with layered textiles.

Logan Sectional // Field Lounge Chair // Linen + Grey Recycled Throw // Acacia Turn Tables

For art, we settled on an incredible plaster art piece sourced from Prize Antiques. And when it came to rug decisions, we chose to layer the Serengeti (a large-scale jute rug) with the vintage-inspired Revere rug on top.

Plaster Wall Art sourced by Prize Antiques // Throw by Citizenry // Serengeti Rug by Armadillo // Revere Rug by Loloi

We mirrored the blueish, warm tones of the rug in pillows and planters throughout the space - I especially loved the contrast of the cooler tones with the taupe-and grey sofa. 

Art by Sarah Golden // Planters by Peach & Pebble // Pillows by Golden & Pine 

In a space with concrete, white walls and white kitchen cabinets, we had ample opportunity to introduce some gorgeous wood to warm things up, which we repeated throughout the space. We focused primarily on white oak and a darker acacia wood that closely resembles walnut, as can be seen in the Acacia Turn Tables in the living room.

Acacia Turn Tables by Blu Dot 

The white oak can be seen in the media console, small scale dining table and Nicki's cheerful WFH setup, pictured below.

Print by Sarah Madeira Day // Desk by Ethnicraft - Email for more info

Speaking of the dining table, Nicki isn’t a huge cook or entertainer, but did want a small, charming dining setup. We decided to add woven leather Hati Home chairs to help warm the room, and hung a beautiful textile art piece from the talented Candice Luter as the dining room focal point (#comingsoon to G&P!).  

Dishware by Kinn Home // Candle Holder by Hawkins NY // Glassware by LSA International // Dining Chairs by Hati Home // Table by Ethnicraft - Email for more info 
Dining Chairs by Hati Home

For the next act, we honed in on the bedroom. And wow - this bedroom is my favorite bedroom I’ve ever done (no nepotism here, I promise!). We used the coolest, low-slung Dodu Bed from Blu Dot in an olive colorway.

Dodu Bed by Blu Dot // Baskets by Creative Women // Round Jute Basket by Will & Atlas // Basket Purse by Rufina // Iman Rug by Loloi // Lumbar Pillow by Studio Mcgee at Target // Duvet by Cultiver

The bed setup was beautifully complimented by the white oak nightstand and dresser, pictured below. And the whole look was then brought together by a black and white wool rug by Loloi.

Iman Rug by Loloi // Dresser and nightstand by Ethnicraft - Email for more info

We then introduced black accents with Blacksaw’s textile art.

Midnight Sun Reversible Throw by Blacksaw

The room was finalized with a basket wall, which takes advantage of the tall ceilings and so too adds another cozy layer to the loft.  

Shop all G&P Baskets

And finally came Nicki's small (yet totally chic!) balcony. For this, we aimed to create a little outdoor oasis with natural fibers + organic shapes. A touch of calm and natural among the cityscape.

Lookout Outdoor Lounge Chair by Blu Dot // Circula Table by Blu Dot // Block Planter by Andrew Molleur
 Glassware by LSA International and Hawkins NY

This was such a rewarding, successful project. I loved dipping into the calm, modern aspect of design that Nicki values, and enjoyed layering in elements of coziness to contrast the cool, concrete of the loft.  

We really try to listen to our clients' (or, in this case, siblings!) specific needs and accommodate that. Every client is unique and different and that's what makes our job fun. No two projects are the same and we like it that way! 


With the combined expertise of Stephanie Agne, founder and owner of Golden & Pine, and Maggie Routon, our talented interior design with an affinity for all things neutral, you can get design help for any room in your home. To learn more, check out our styling services here

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