For the Occasional Acquaintance

We all know the ever-present challenge of gift-giving during the Holiday season is properly demonstrating to our loved ones how well we really know them. BUT, what about the gifts you inevitably find yourself buying for those who don't necessarily fall into the "mom", "dad", "brother", "sister", "BFF4L", etc. category? You know who we're talking about... the neighbors, the co-workers, the kiddos' teachers, the guy who rotates your tires every six months or so... let's just call them "acquaintances". Now that's an entirely different challenge in and of itself. 

What exactly do you give your boss whose coffee order and Meyers Briggs personality type you could recite in your sleep, but whose kids you couldn't name? What's the gifting protocol for your new boyfriend's mom who you've never met but definitely already got you a gift? And where to begin when you're mercilessly volunteered against your will to participate in your extended family's annual White Elephant exchange that everyone is secretly dreading?

Well, as all of our Golden & Pine gift guides have promised so far, we do in fact have a solution for these all-too-relatable scenarios. Read on to uncover some of our most practical, but thoughtful suggestions for appealing to just about anyone's taste and style from your child's beloved teacher to your sweet-but-secretly-doubles-as-a-spy next door neighbor. Welcome to our gift guide for the Occasional Acquaintance!



    1. Appointed Notebook | This gorgeous grid notebook is the perfect catch-all gift. Ideal for note taking, list making + thought-jotting.

    2. Desk Accessories  | Not sure what to get a gift for a co-worker, or maybe a teacher? We have the perfect solution with our practical yet totally adorable desk accessories. 

    3. Wooden Holiday Decorations | You really can't go wrong gifting our sleek + subtle wooden ornaments, with their neutral beauty, simple beauty sure to satisfy any Holiday decoration needs.

    4. Wood Cutting Board & Copper Spreaders | Honestly, who doesn't need a solid wood cutting board? Perfect for choppin' + servin', these boards look good no matter what is put on it. And for the ultimate at-home hostess gift, pair with our cute Copper Spreaders and a small selection of artisan cheese!

    5. Makana Candles & Reindeer Matchbox | Makana offers up some essential Winter + Holiday scents that you really can't go wrong gifting. Pair it with our Reindeer Matchbox for some serious Holiday charm.

    6. Marble Coasters & Cocktail Napkins | Coasters and cocktail napkins - a decorative duo that is sure to class up any bar cart or drink table in town!

    7. Amber Glass Pitcher | Pair the above-mentioned duo with one of our Glass Chroma Pitchers and call it a cocktail party to-go! Who couldn't use a little party in a box these days?

    8. Boheme Asti Candle & Joy is Now Matchbox |  Give the gift of adventure (from home) with this rich, woodsy scented candle from Boheme's Wanderlust Collection. Pair with our festive holiday matchboxes to round out a gifty combo great for even the most difficult to shop for on your list.

    9. Goody Hoop Earrings |  Like a little piece of candy for your ear - we bring you the Goody. Made from super cool and light-weight cellulose acetate - each pair has slight variations in pattern. Gifting for any jewelry-lover made easy!

    10. Geometry Tea Towels |  Picture this: a kitchen towel that cleans, dries, and absorbs while also looking incredibly cute. *Enter* the Geometry Tea Towel, putting the "fun" in functional, making it at an all-time crowd pleaser for both giving and receiving.

    11. Marble Wine Chiller |  Pair some fun, spill-proof Geometry Tea Towels with this sophisticated white marble wine chiller and consider your "occasional acquaintance" gift-shopping complete!

    12. Miel Taper Candles & Earth Taper Candle Holders |  Pair these perfectly petite ceramic holders with a pair of seasonally colored taper candles and it makes for a great everyday or entertaining gift for just about anyone on your list!

    13. Hawkins Ceramic Mug |  Simple, stylish and sensible. Give the gift of warmth this year with this cozy coffee mug from Hawkins NY that's sure to become an everyday staple in any kitchen.

    14. Wool Catch-all Tray | A classic catch-all with a modern twist by Graf Lantz. The perfect landing spot for your keys and wallet or for your sleeptime necessities on a bedside table. 

    15. Golden & Pine Gift Card | It's the gift that keeps on giving! Order a digital gift card from the convenience of your cozy home or stop in the store and we'll get you all set with a physical gift card wrapped in a pretty bow ready for gifting.

    16. All is Calm & Bright Card | Spread a little holiday cheer with this delicate, hand-drawn illustration offering all the calm & bright vibes for the season.


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