For your Fav Foodie Friend

Do you have a friend who applies to any of the following clauses?

A. Genuinely looks forward to their weekly grocery store run.

B. Has a restaurant bucket list (and no, it definitely doesn't include Red Lobster or The Cheesecake Factory.)

C. Has a well loved book of recipes, complete with food splattered, dogeared pages. 

D. Has attended a supper club of some sort.

E. Knows how to use chopsticks. 

F. Has frowned at you before for ordering the same thing every time you go out to eat (and they refuse to accept your rebuttals of "It's just so good!" as an excuse.) 

If you checked yes to any of the aforementioned statements, there is a very good chance that your friend is a foodie fanatic. And the Holiday season presents the perfect opportunity for you to indulge their food-centric side. Don't have any idea where to start? We at Golden & Pine know exactly how to help. Below we've compiled a gift guide complete with everything from the cookbooks to the serveware to the tidying tools for the post-meal mess and everything in between. Scroll on to discover the gifts guaranteed to dazzle even the most gourmet of gourmands.

White Striped Wood Bowls  //  Marbled Salt & Pepper Cellar Set //  Mini Round Marble Board  //  Marble & Acacia Board  //  Mini Mixed Horn Spoons  //  Grey Marble & Wood Spoon Rest  //  Copper Bottle Opener  //  Amber Chroma Glasses  //  Petra Beige Hand Towel  //  Wood Rolling Pin  //  Grey Marbled Pepper Cellar  //  Horsehair Glass Brush  //  Cream Knit Pot Holder  //  Makana Grapefruit Lychee Candle  //  Wood Cutting Board  //  Teak & Glass Honey Jar  //  Marble Cake Stand  //  Petite Gold Serving Set  //  Frankie Oil Bottle  //  The Couple's Cookbook  //  Gathering: Setting the Natural Table


White Striped Mango Bowl | This sustainably sourced + handcrafted bowl is perfect for displaying all kinds of things, like some colorful fruit.

Marbled Cement Cellar | This marbled cement cellar is the perfect storage unit for all kinds of spices - and foodies are always in need of beautiful spice storage, trust us.

Mini White Marble Board | This adorable mini board pairs perfectly with our equally endearing Petite Serving Set.

Marble & Acacia Board | You simply can't go wrong in gifting a cheese board to your food loving friend.

Mixed Horn Spoons | Throw these delicate spoons in with our Mini White Marble board, and you have yourself the perfect set.

Grey Marble & Wood Spoon Rest |  Class up your countertop and whip up your favorite recipe in style with the chicest of spoon rests. 

Copper Bottle Opener |  Poppin' bottles has never looked classier... pair with a set of our favorite cocktail napkins from Willow Ship and your holiday beverage of choice. Voila!

Amber Chroma Glass |  Tinted in all our favorite hues, the Chroma line of glassware comes in three delicate, drinkable sizes; perfect for morning OJ, your evening vino or your all day bubbly water. A no-brainer for your fav foodie friend!

Petra Beige Hand TowelRolling PinHorsehair Glass Brush |  A super soft and subtle hand towel sure to make a statement in any kitchen. Pair with our simple wooden rolling pin or the best-looking glassware dish brush we've ever seen and you have yourself a seriously giftable set!

Grey Marble Lidded Cellar |  'Tis the season for seasonings displayed in pretty, decorative cellars, like this sweet little grey marble pepper cellar.

Cream Knit Potholder |  Handmade of natural fibers and super absorbent, this knit pot holder will put those worn out cotton oven mitts to shame and look great while doing it! For a fun pop of color, check out these similar red and honey knit potholders.

10oz Grapefruit Lychee Candle |  Refreshing and addicting, a citrus accord of grapefruit, pomelo and yuzu, accented by notes of lychee and lilikoi, sweetened with a base of vanilla sugar. Yum!

Wood Cutting Board |  Made of natural mango wood, this cutting board will stand the test of time in your foodie friend's arsenal of must-have kitchen tools & gadgets.

Teak & Glass Honey Jar | The sweetest way to display your honey without the sticky mess!

Marble Cake Stand |  We love this for cake, of course, but it also makes a great pedestal for anywhere you need a little height and a great kitchen tray for anywhere you need to corral all the things. Gift-worthy approved!

Veak Ceramics Frankie Oil Bottle |  One of our best-sellers, this beautiful oil cruet is both functional and fashionable AND handmade locally by one of our favorite makers, Sarah Veak.

The Couples Cookbook |  An inviting collection of simple and comforting recipes for any food-loving pair who wants to answer the eternal question: what should we eat? A great Christmas gift for newlyweds or soon-to-be-married couples!

Gathering: Setting The Natural Table |  Level up your tabletop displays with this popular volume by Kristen Caissie that serves as both a beautiful coffee table book and an intricate guide for mastering the art of the tabletop design.


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