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One of our 2020 goals for Golden & Pine was to start carrying more art. We made that happen with a splash this spring! We’ve been lucky enough to work closely with each studio and artist on finding pieces that fit a range of price points, styles, & scale. Looking for original pieces? We have them! Canvases? You bet! Prints in all sizes? Done!

Every piece we carry in Golden & Pine is something we would hang up in our own home. We love the backstory of each piece equal to the product. Today we are introducing each artist & sharing why we love their work.


Ayse Sirin Budak

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We were lucky enough to work with Ayse on some exclusive pieces for Golden & Pine using our dream color palette! All pieces are created with acrylic paint and touches of embroidery using cotton thread on handcrafted cotton paper. We hope you love them as much as we do! Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Ayse Sirin Budak, originally from Istanbul, is a New York based, self-taught artist. She mainly creates mixed media on cotton paper or linen canvas. Her media choices consist mostly of cotton thread, acrylic paint, natural ink, and fabric. Her pieces embody the beauty of imperfection, which becomes amplified due to the uniqueness and imperfections of the cotton paper and linen canvas. Ayse lives with her husband and their two daughters.


Whitewood Canvas

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Handmade in Kansas City, artist Sarah White started White Wood Canvas at her dining room table while jamming to 90’s music. By day, she works as Hallmark creative. During her free time, Sarah makes beautiful abstract paintings that somehow manage to be bold and subtle at the same time. We've found her large scale works to be just the piece needed to complete a space.

Last winter we asked Sarah if she would create a collection inspired by Golden & Pine’s aesthetic to show in our store for the spring. We did a happy dance when she accepted! Her art is now shown in our space, with a few pieces of the collection still available. We love that each piece compliments each other while they look vastly different. Any Whitewood Canvas piece will look just as perfect in your home as it does in our store.

Sarah Golden

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Based out of Sacramento, California, Sarah is a painter and surface designer. She paints abstracts, botanicals and designs fabric for Andover Fabrics. We love her simple, hand-painted shapes with the floral influence. Her deep love for Scandinavian design, a simple and clean aesthetic, and vintage fabrics makes us feel that much more connected to her. She’s a self taught artist who works with quite a few mediums - block printing , painting both traditionally and digitally, and pen on paper. Sarah is always learning & making with her twin 5-year-old daughters.


Wilde House Paper

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Handmade in San Luis Obispo, California, Wilde House Paper comes to life through the creative duo of Megan Heddinger + Connor Drechsler. Megan is a multifaceted creative who is the visionary behind all things design. Conner is the intuitive “generalist” who is all realms of business. What we love about Wilde House Paper? Their dedication to sustainable sourcing & continuing to improve each part of the process to benefit the planet. All of their products are 100% made in the USA. Wilde House Paper has partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization with a focus on global reforestation. For every order placed, they will plant one tree. Oh, and their products are absolutely stunning with every single detail beautifully designed.



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Stumbling upon Jess Macy, of ColorbloKC, was the best thing that could have happened. We love carrying her prints - they are the perfect combination of simple yet eye-catching. Her prints make great gifts and the combination of a couple of pieces makes a perfect gallery wall addition.

ColorbloKC began as a 99 day experiment to expand creatively. Founder, Jess Macy, gave herself the personal challenge to create 99 new, unique paintings starting in October of 2008. After finishing the challenge, Jess began to create prints from the experiment. Now, Jess Macy's prints are all drawn digitally and composed of minimal, vintage feeling designs with an intentional color palette. Her designs are inspired by nature, landscapes, cosmic elements, human connection, self care, strong women, and inspired messages. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and their three cats!


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