Fall Trends Report 2021

As summer slowly winds to a close, the interior of our lovely little space here at Golden & Pine will also begin to transform. As the team begins to redesign and redecorate in preparation for fall, we look to anticipate the trends that each new season will bring. I put my feelers out months in advance to spot new colors, patterns and styles - and this upcoming fall season has been no different.

From the colors of your bed sheets to the texture of your new kitchen tea towel, I have opinions on all of it (opinions full of well-researched theories and data driven evidence, of course!). I want to share it with you because I feel like we’re close. Interested in seeing what we at G&P are most excited about for fall, and want a bit of a sneak peak into what is #comingsoon? Well, light your favorite campfire-inspired candle, pull on your comfiest wool socks and read on, my friends. 

As temperatures begin to dip into the low sixties, I know it’s time to begin incorporating the richer, moodier tones of fall into G&P's typically light & bright palette. It’s a bit of a balancing act, weighing the light against the dark, but it’s a challenge I enthusiastically accept.

Something that I've seen a lot of recently, and consequently have been obsessing over, is mixing moody tones together on the walls of a room (#staytuned for the G&P rendition of this within our own space).

I've also heard through the interior design grape vine that pink (a shade warmer than blush but not quite terracotta) is looking like the perfect pop of color (again!), which is great news.

I just love the way a brighter, yet still slightly muted, hue sets off the typical hunter greens, rusts and ochres that we see so often during the fall. The pink keeps everything looking fresh and chic without feeling stuck in the jewel-toned 1980s! 

After years of staying rooted firmly in warm, campy colorways, I am loving the return of blue to the shop. This time around, I'm digging into deep slate and muted greyish, blue tones.

But alas, for those of us not quite willing to paint a wall and change out each and every furnishing according to seasonality, do not fret. When it comes to fall decor, maintaining the usual neutral scheme while also mixing in a single pop of ripened fall color always looks fantastic. I tend to repeat this color throughout a room, even in small doses, rather than just in one single item. My favorite color to add in is rust, as it gives pretty much every space an element of maturity and liveliness, but never overwhelms a room.

And while those slate blues, rusts and other fall colors look gorgeous simply as accent pieces, we will have dark green, navy, and mustard pieces in shop if you're interested in adding these colorways as a permanent staple to your space - and seriously, you can't go wrong with any of them.

But it's not just about new color schemes this fall, texture is also a very big topic. As far as prints and textures go, I seriously can’t get enough of corduroy. Expect it to show up in some exciting home decor accent pieces like pillows. And while smaller versions of corduroy are all that we have discovered so far, we are constantly on the lookout for larger upholstered items in the texture. That would be QUITE the statement piece!

I'm also on the hunt for the most perfect doen-inspired tiny floral prints for some exclusive G&P cushions. And while too much of the doen floral pattern in a room would take away the modern element of the space, I think that a couple floral accent pieces look really lovely and elegant.

 AND we just might be incorporating fall’s favorite patterns (checks and plaids, duh) in some very modern, GP tones.  Some other great textures that are on the up-and-up this fall include boucle (again!), mohair and even sheepskin - anything that adds a cozy layer.  

And it wouldn’t be a fall trends blog without mention of dried florals. Our roving dried floral bar is sure to be back with a plethora of moody, autumnal tones and maybe even an installation or two. Because, honestly, is there a better accompaniment to autumn than some dried flower arrangements? The answer is no.

Can you tell how excited I am about all of the new colors, textures and patterns that are coming this fall? Be sure to let us know what you are most excited about - we would love to chat about it with you!

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