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As November charges forward and we close in on December, so too comes the season of neutral-colored gift wrap, creamy ribbon and pampas grass adornments here at Golden & Pine. Over the last four G&P holiday seasons, we’ve certainly gathered a wealth of knowledge in the gift shopping department and, in the spirit of giving, we’d like to share some of that with you.

The pressure to procure the perfect gift can be intimidating. What if your Mother-in-Law's smile more closely resembles a grimace as she unwraps her present you so lovingly worried about for days? What if, instead of laughter, you hear the unnaturally high pitched "I love it" from your friend who is notoriously impossible to shop for? Well, fret no more - our Golden & Pine gift guides are here to make your holiday gift-giving experience a little more seamless and a lot less stressful.

First up, we have the "Cozy Homebody," perhaps the most relatable of all of our gift guides, as who hasn't been a homebody this year? Below we’ve rounded up our top gift recommendations for the ones who prefer spending their nights cozied up at home with a warm cup of tea (or wine), a perfectly prepared charcuterie board, and their favorite holiday candle lit. And the best part… you can shop them all at Golden & Pine!




Moss Planters | This beautiful, mossy green plant home is the perfect addition to any living space, with its organic shape and comforting color. 


Organic Cotton Throw | Nothing says cozy quite like a heavy, cream colored blanket, reminiscent of comforting nights at Grandma's house. Plus, these beautiful throws are handspun with organic cotton by a Kansas City native, Karrie Dean.


Maiz Baskets | These handwoven baskets from Springfield, IL company Design Ideas put your plastic storage containers to shame. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, each basket is unique and brings an organic, natural charm to any room. 


Palomino Bath Mat | Homebodies understand the importance of making every living space beautiful - even the bathroom. The handmade, plush tufted cotton of this Palomino Bath Mat adds a gorgeous, burnt orange statement piece to any washroom. 


Made For Living | This book by Amber Interiors, one of the most beloved designers of all time, makes us want to lock ourselves inside and dedicate our days solely to interior design. We guarantee it will resonate with anyone who wants to make their home as cozy as possible.  


Harvest Moon Reversible Throw | This throw is made ethically and sustainably with baby alpaca fur, which is quite possibly the softest material on the planet. It can be used as a reversible blanket or, to bring the coziness to an all-time high, it can even become wall art. And we promise, no baby alpacas were hurt in the making of this throw. Blacksaw’s Alpacas roam free all throughout the highlands of Peru, and are individually owned by the villages that raise them. They are sheared annually so they do not overheat in the summer months, and their fur is then transformed into these gorgeous throws. 


Minimal Bud Vases | Simple, classy and functional are the three words we use to describe these bud vases. The neutral, white tones of these vases are the perfect backdrop for the prettiest of flower clippings. Plus, Convivial is an 8-person team of hardworking women, based out of the Historic West Bottoms in Kansas City. How cool would it be to support small, female-owned business this Holiday season? The answer: very cool. 


Purificacion Wool Pillow | The soothingly creamy colors of this Wool Pillow from Meso Goods are every comfort-seekers fantasy. 


Miguel Wool Pillow Cover | The ultimate companion pillow to the Purificacion Wool Pillow Cover, the Miguel Cover is the perfect pillow to cozy up with on the couch. 


Marble and Acacia Rectangle Board | The cool marble is balanced by the warmth of the Acacia wood in this rectangular serving board, one of our most popular items here at Golden & Pine. Grab one for your snack-loving homebody before it's gone. 


Brass Cheese Set | What is a serving board without the complimentary utensils to go along with it? This gorgeous set brings charcuterie game to the next level. Honestly, who knew that there were so many ways to cut cheese?


Muted Desert Framed Photograph | Just because someone prefers the comforts of home doesn’t mean they do not dream of traveling again one day. But for now, this gorgeous desert-scape photographed by KC Native Kaley Kocinski will have you dreaming of the muted tones of Arizona. 


We Reach Further Framed Photograph | Prefer the California desert to that of Arizona? Kaley has you covered. Bring a bit of the outside world into your living space with the gorgeous, soft vibes of this calming desert scene in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. 


Veak Mugs | Is there ever a time when a cozy day at home doesn’t include a steaming mug of coffee or tea? We don’t think so either. And, in our opinion, there's nothing cozier than a unique, hand thrown mug from Kansas City artist Sarah Veak. 


Essential Storage Containers | No one wants to have little things strewn about the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, especially those who spend a lot of time at home. This set of 3 recycled bamboo fiber containers from Hawkins NY comes in colors that are as calm as you'll feel when everything is put away in its proper storage place.


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