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We’re currently in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and...trying to look on the bright side of things. This is a situation we never could have imagined in our worst nightmares, and yet I think we can all agree there are some blessings mixed in here. More time with family, more time for our kids to be forced to learn how to entertain themselves, more meals cooked at home, more time to exercise. Have you seen some upsides of all this time at home too?  

I'm sharing some of my favorite images :)

As far as GP, we’ve been able to focus on things that were only on our wishlists, things we’ve never had time to focus on with our busy day to day of running a brick and mortar. One thing we’re doing - starting this blog :) By the end of this month, we should also have about 99% of our inventory online, something you’ve always asked for but we’ve never quite been able to make happen. We’re also enjoying the challenge (and it is a BIG challenge) of experimenting with how to share our goods when virtual is the only option.  

I’ve seen some social posts about how this stay-at-home time is causing us to focus on the things that really, friends, connection, good food, exercise, being outdoors, and supporting small businesses.  

I can not speak for every small business, but I can tell you more about Golden & Pine. Our small team is mighty. Each one cares about what we are doing, why we are doing it, our customers, and each other. Because of the nature of our business, our team knows that each purchase goes towards not only supporting us and allowing us to do what we do - but also supports artisans around the world that make the product. Each purchase supports sustainable practices and material sourcing. Each purchase allows vendors to pay their makers fairly and provide humane working conditions. 

For those of you that may not know or remember the backstory of how Golden & Pine came to be, I thought now is a great time to learn a little more about us. 


I created GP with the intention of bringing ethically and sustainably made goods to Kansas City. But how did that happen? It’s a long process - one that involves a lot of big breakthroughs and plenty of cross-country moving… but I’ll give you the short version.

I worked as a Dietitian before starting G&P. I’ve always been a design lover, but I spent my days politely lecturing others about reading labels to know where their food was coming from and to be aware of the fuel they are putting in their body. During this time, I also had my eyes opened to the lack of transparency in the manufacturing process of much of the clothing and home goods I had been buying.  They were hiding a horrifying reality: modern day slavery, pollution & destruction of the Earth, and big companies profiting greatly off of all of this. 

While living in Maine for my husband’s career, I made a leap to change careers and took a store manager position at a local home decor boutique. You guessed it, they carried only handmade & ethically made goods. Beautiful things, that yes - had a higher price tag. The price of each item reflected the quality materials used to make the product, the fair payment of the maker, and the support needed to ship & make that product accessible so a local shopper can take it home. Once my first son was born, we moved back to Kansas City to be closer to both of our families. That’s where Golden & Pine came to full fruition. Since 2016, G&P has opened its doors to Kansas City and carried goods from hundreds of artisans all around the world

Our mission is: “Every purchase at Golden & Pine supports ethical production around the world.” Every purchase supports the future of an artisan’s craft - whether that’s in Kansas City or Guatemala or Denmark. As a business, we are able to directly support those artisans through our purchases. As a consumer, you support those artisans and our continued effort to provide Kansas City with beautiful, handmade goods. 

Currently, it's likely that the amount you spend a day has decreased significantly, whether that’s conscious or not. My hope is that we can use this strange and unprecedented time as a way to start a new habit - thoughtfully consuming with intention. Whether it’s where you buy your makeup or groceries or laundry detergent - there is a way to spend thoughtfully - with local and global communities in mind. 

Thank you for 4 years of support, Kansas City & beyond! We’re so grateful for each and every one of you. It makes all of us thrilled to see your G&P items proudly displayed in your home. We anxiously await the day when we can reopen our doors, see your smiling faces, and catch up with many of you that we've come to call friends. Until then, we're here working behind-the-scenes and loving you from afar.

- Stephanie

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