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In case you missed it, we bought an Airbnb and are doing a small amount of updates, furnishings, and will start renting it in early 2023.  I'm sharing some behind the scenes for the two main bedrooms today.  

Both bedrooms are on the petite size, but one is slightly bigger with good closets so we've been calling this one the Primary bedroom.  She also gets a King sized bed.  Below are the before photos of it in its blank slate. 

AirG&P Before Primary Bedroom

The second bedroom will get a queen bed and to make up for it being slightly smaller, we're going all in with some very GP wallpaper.  Check out the before below.

AirG&P Queen Bedroom

And are you ready for the pretty part?  Here we go!

The Primary Bedroom

For the primary bedroom, I knew I wanted to play with an all neutral texture heavy bedroom.  I needed it to be light and bright and for renting, we also needed it to be durable.  Our bed is a natural fiber bed that will nestle just perfectly under the window.  Stone side tables in warm neutrals will be super durable but stick with our palette.  While our rug is white based, up close it has all kinds of texture which will make it a bit more forgiving.  It's also 100% wool which I find to be 100% easier to clean than synthetics.  

AirG&P Primary Bedroom: The Design

For accessories, lamps are a must for bedside reading.  Since the house only has one bathroom, we're thinking a lot about a space to get ready in each room (ladies weekends, we are looking at you) so a large round mirror will hang above my favorite leather bench.  Along our only remaining wall, we will line it with hooks. I think having a place to hang your stuff always makes me feel a bit more organized in a rental space.  

The Queen Room

We have thought a lot about how this house might be used and wanted it to feel friendly for couples or families traveling together. So we are aiming to make the Queen bedroom as desirable as the Primary.  We are adding a could-not-be-more-Golden & Pine-vibes wallpaper in an ochre tone.  We'll use an upholstered comfy bed, also on the window wall with lamps flanking either side.  I'm trying to decide if I like an earthier lamp or a clean bright white one.  What do you think?

AirG&P The Queen Room Option One

I am also waffling between rugs.  The neutral one is very similar to the other rugs in the house, but it does have a clean crisp feeling.  However, I always look for a spot in each room to add a natural fiber texture and this one could be just that moment.  Do you have a favorite rug?  

AirG&P The Queen Room

We're rounding out this room with a statement full length mirror and more cute hooks for hanging all the things.  

What do you think?  Would you stay in these rooms?  We can't wait to see them come to life!

Golden & Pine is launching a shoppable Airbnb concept in early 2023.  The 3 bedroom, 1 bath house is in Prairie Village and it will be design in Golden & Pine's signature earthy modern aesthetic.  Each item in the home will be thoughtfully sourced, curated and available for renters to purchase during or after their stay via QR code that links to an AirG&P shop at  Stay tuned!

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  • I like the earthier lamps and lighter rug for the Queen room.😀

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