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I'm this close to pulling the trigger on the purchases for our AirG&P Living Room (scroll to the end if you need to be caught up on what AirG&P is!). The vibe I'm going for is warm, cozy, light, bright, and luxurious.  To achieve this luxe feel, I'm paying a whole lot of attention to texture. As a reminder, here is what the room looked like before we purchased (a lovely shot by this real estate photographer!).  

Before AirG&P Living RoomBefore AirG&P Living Room

We are refinishing parquet (controversial!?!) to my favorite light wood, as I think this will brighten up the room SO much.  In all three versions, I have a plush wool rug down that will feel great underfoot.  It also has lots of flecks making it more forgiving than a true white rug.   Right?  Right...

AirG&P Living Room Rug

I'm doing our Beam sectional in a warm taupe that is also super soft to the touch.  Ours will be a bit bigger than the one pictured here so I can make sure the living room can seat everyone who stays in the house at once.  A personal pet peeve of mine is when you stay at an airbnb that sleeps four, but the living room only has one sofa that seats three!  

AirG&P Living RoomFor chairs, there is still nothing better for texture and luxe feel than boucle so I'm introducing it in a rich ochre on our Clover frames.  These chairs are comfy but not huge so we can fit two right next to each other.  I'm on the fence about the third chair currently.  Do you have a favorite?  I love the Topanga chair in the corner and it's a shop best seller for comfort, but it will be our first time ordering the leather.  Right now I'm leaning that way to add in one more texture, but I'm excited to hear what you think too.  

AirG&P Living RoomI choose a simple warm wood for the coffee table.  It's great wood but also sturdy enough to be able to have some feet kicked up on it. While I don't love a full matching set, I do like when two tables connect so right now I'm thinking of doing the matching side table.  For the other tables, I'm playing with white or putty concrete and stone accents. 

AirG&P Living Room

I'm a firm believer every room can handle one natural fiber, so I've played with a big almost 4' pendant light.  While I love it, I also really like the way the brass introduces another luxe finish into the room too.  Which one is your favorite?

Lastly, since this is a short term rental I'm thinking about shying away from a media console.  Do we really need closed storage?  I'm toying with a bench under the television to hold stacks of books, objects and serve as extra seating in a pinch.  Will we miss that closed storage you think?  

Let me know your favorites in the comments.  Excited to hear what you think and even more excited to show this place all done next year!

Golden & Pine is launching a shoppable Airbnb concept in early 2023.  The 3 bedroom, 1 bath house is in Prairie Village and it will be design in Golden & Pine's signature earthy modern aesthetic.  Each item in the home will be thoughtfully sourced, curated and available for renters to purchase during or after their stay via QR code that links to an AirG&P shop at  Stay tuned!

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