A Moody Mood: Navy and Ochre Basement Redesign

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Last week, we shared our client's Hallbrook Primary Bathroom renovation and today we're in the same house, just heading downstairs to the finished-in-the-90s basement. Our scope on the lower level included a full bathroom, a lounge-y television area, and a basement bar.  

Our clients primarily use this space for watching sports and entertaining.  Because our upstairs designs were pretty light and bright and the space was not abundant in natural light, we took the opportunity to go for a moody vibe.  We pulled our color palette from the formal living room at the top of the stairs, which features blue and ochre tones.    

Golden & Pine Moody Bathroom

We began in the bath with two amazing tiles from Zia tile.  We loved the ochre color of their clay hexagon tile and paired with midnight rectangles, it was a fun contrast.  We stacked the rectangle tiles vertically, solider stacked our tile guy called it, to mimic what we did in the upstairs bathrooms.  

Golden & Pine Taj Mahal Stone Bath Vanity

We fell in love with a brushed Taj Mahal stone from Rocktops and decided to create a custom vanity from it.  We had them create brass legs to match the plumbing fixtures and added a wood shelf at the bottom for towel and paper storage.  The lighting is from Rejuvenation's Abigail collection and has a very textured matte clay surface that is extra lovely in person.  

Golden & Pine Navy Fireplace

In the lounge side of the basement, we united the spaces by repeating the materials in slightly different ways.  For the fireplace, we went all midnight tile topped with a custom mantle from Urban Lumbar Co.  We added a flat weave rug over the carpet to define the seating area and traded up a coffee table for a cozy sherpa ottoman. 

Golden & Pine Moody Basement

We also designed new white oak built ins for their television and had so much fun styling those out with a mix of sculpture, vintage, personal mementos and family photos.  How good are those tiny leather cabinet pulls?

Golden & Pine Moody Basement
The homeowners are big sports fans and we loved adding their baseball collection into a stunning gray marble bowl.  We also bought the top center wood sculpture because all we see when we look at it is a KU Jayhawk.  We were also able to incorporate a pretty sweet record collection with both display and storage space.  
Golden & Pine Moody Bathroom
Golden & Pine Moody Basement Redesign

In the bar, we wanted things to be a bit brighter so we used the clay tile on the floors but added a simple white subway tile also in a vertical stack.  We repeated the Taj Mahal on the bar (it was so beautiful!) and the Abigail lights in a slightly different style above the open shelf.  Fun fact:  those live edge wood placemats (!) were a game day decision when we needed something interesting to lean up there.  

Golden & Pine Moody Basement

We styled it out with some golden glassware, wood accents and hints of brass, almost of which is functional for when the homeowners entertain.  We were happy to able to keep the original brass foot bar and the homeowner had her existing bar stools cut down to fit the new counter height.  

Golden & Pine Moody Basement
We adore this whole room and would be so thrilled to hang in this stylish but cozy basement.  What do you think?  Ohh, and psst:  here at the befores:
Want to see more of this home transformation?  Read about the Primary Bathroom here.  
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