2020 Golden & Pine Holiday Collections

When someone mentions the holiday season, what initially comes to mind? For us at Golden & Pine, first and foremost we think of gathering. An assemblage of loved ones coming together simply to be in the company of each other. The concept of gathering may feel a bit different this season - but all the same, the holidays bring with it the promise of company, warmth, and love. And this year more than ever, we’re spending extra time in our gathering spaces, making the interior ambiance all the more important.

And to help you cultivate that desired space, this year we launched our new Holiday at Home Styling Services. Our team has specifically and intentionally curated five festive themes for the upcoming holiday season. Pick one theme or choose bits and pieces from each, reserve a styling session with us, + we'll show up with your personalized selection of Golden & Pine holiday decor to style your space for the season. Once we're done with the styling, you can shop your new styled space + purchase the products you want to keep. 

Done and done? Get all the details and book a session HERE or email us your questions at hello@goldenandpine.com

More of a "do-it-yourself" kinda gal/guy? Read on to preview all FIVE of our new holiday collections and shop to your heart's desire. You can find all of these products and more both online and in-store.

Now let’s dig into the good stuff - our gorgeous themes that inspired this year's Golden & Pine holiday product picks


First up is our Cozy Copper Collection.

All of our most nurturing tones coalesce in this collection. Ranging from tan hues to a deep brown, your space will have a gorgeous earthy feel to it.

Picture This: The remaining embers of the fire slowly sizzle out, + you're blanketed in the toasty, chestnut tones of your space. The irresistibly sweet smell of warm caramel cookies wafts into the living room from the kitchen. The Noah Bells on the front porch quietly jingle, encouraged by the winter wind outside.



Round Brown Ornaments // Fog Linen Noah Bell // Glitter Wirework Spike Ornament // Neutral Rainbow Trees //  Pine Cone Ornament // Metallic Hue Garland // Copper Tinsel Garland // Round Neutral Ornaments





Next on the Holiday Fairy's list is our stunning Winter White Collection. 

The shimmery, milky wonderland of your dreams comes to life in our gorgeous Winter White Collection. From pure white to beige, your space may begin to resemble the beautiful snowscape outside. This collection brings an element of cozy light to any space. 

Picture this: A pot of white chili simmering in a crock pot on the counter, the smells of slow cooked garlic and broth have slowly permeated the house all day. The late afternoon sun streams in through the windows, illuminating your pure White Paper Trees. Fresh snow quietly blankets the ground outside, as you sit inside with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a splash of cream.


Round White Ornaments // White Paper Trees // Ice House Ornament // Silver Bauble Ornament // Cream Pompom Garland // Jack Frost Ornament Set // Wooden Bird Ornament // Silver Jingle Garland





Next we give you our Midnight Frost Collection.

The cool undertones of this collection bring a level of sophistication to your interior. With hues ranging from soft grey to deep blue, you can cultivate a glorious ice kingdom right in your living room. 

Picture this: Dusk is settling into the late afternoon sky, a hazy purple glow fills your space, beautifully illuminating your Winter Blue Ornaments. The December wind whistles through the air as you take a sip of mulled wine. 


Round Winter Blue Ornaments // Felt Horned Owl Ornament // Silver 7 Point Tree Topper // Grey Rainbow Trees // Purple Rainbow Trees // Round Black Ornament // Silver Tinsel Garland // Grey Velvet Ball Ornament 




It’s about time we mention our Glowing Gold Collection, because what's a holiday season without a bit of sparkle? As the days grow darker + the temperature grows colder, now more than ever we need the warmth + excitement that awaits us in our gold flecked dwelling. 

Picture This: A fire roars, illuminating the golden ornaments you have strung around the room, as you sip apple cider out of a warm mug. Drinks are poured, toasts are made, and food is passed, your golden cutlery twinkles on the dining room table. 




White Spectrum Trees // Gold Jingle Garland // Dove Tree Topper // Yellow Round Ornaments // Monstera + Palm Leaves Ornaments // Neutral Rainbow Trees // Wooden House // Brass Tree Ornament




And finally, we give you Woodland Winter. This classic collection celebrates the beautiful hues of pomegranate red, winter green + deep grey. Forest creatures, wood + pine overflow in this quintessential Holiday collection.  

Picture This: A large tree commands the room, smelling of sap + pine, Velvet Red Ornaments adorning its limbs. Your hands are graciously thawed by a cup of steaming coffee, as the morning was spent sledding. Winter coats, shoes + long socks are shed at the entryway as warm laughter resonates throughout the house.


Round Red Ornament // Barn With Rooster // Wool Pompom Wreath, Cream + Red // Beaver + Moose Ornaments //  Wooden Tree Object, Large // Fuchsia Velvet Ornament // White + Grey Pompom Garland // Green Pinecone Ornament




For questions or more details on pricing & custom options with our Holiday at Home Styling Services, please send us an email at hello@goldenandpine.com. 

Cheers to a happy holiday at home this year!


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